Protect. Your. Car.

with the optima hail protection!

Hail protection car cover

The optimal hail protection with practical and resistant storage bag.

Protects against hailstones as big as 700 mm3. Also effective against ice, snow, pollen, small falling branches, bird droppings, dirt & dust, falling chestnuts etc. Elastic seams, Reflective ribbons, 3x Easy mounting, Sides protection, 2 vent slots, Waterproof & weatherproof, easy drying technology, Car paint friendly inner side.

Available sizes

Code Size Dimensions
HCAM M 430 x 165 x 119 cm
HCAL L 480 x 177 x 119 cm
HCAXL XL 530 x 177 x 119 cm
HCAXXL XXL 570 x 203 x 119 cm


car from



Snow and ice



Hail protection

3x easy mounting

2 vent slots

Cushioned sides

Reflective ribbons

Elastic seams

Why choose Carblix Hail Protection cover?

Carblix car covers are the result of years of work by specialists and automotive enthusiasts. While working on their covers they listened to the needs and comments of those who will use them. As a result, we received a quality product that fulfills its purpose and is reasonably priced.

Resonable price

High quality

Multiple sizes

Top product